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L2G Family photos page2

more pictures of Losers hehe love that word it has such a wonderful ring to it especially when we lose lose lose. PLEASE BE PATIENT AS THIS IS STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION I WILL ADD MORE PHOTOS AS I GET THEM. MAKE SURE YOU SEND ME INFO YOU WANT ME TO ADD TO THE PICTURES THANKS KATY AMITAI@EARTHLINK.NET

L2G Family photos Page 3


This is me, Tanya (SweetnezzNY) at 285. UGH! I'm 29 pounds down now but
would like to wait awhile for that AFTER picture! : )

Thanks again,


Pam D. 322.4 pounds, at the start of my WW


Ugggghhhh! This is a very horrible before picture....taken 2 weeks before starting WW 1 year ago. (Started 08/01/00) My weight was 206 then. I just have to look at this pic and I remember why I count points!!! And, what possessed me to wear a sleeveless dress? lolol
As you can tell, I named the picture by what I felt about
After pic coming when I hit goal!
Michelle (Oklahoma Redhead)
Start Date: 08/01/00
"Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be." -Abraham LIncoln


This is Michelles wedding picture. Doesn't she make a BEEEAAUUUUUUUUTIFUL BRIDE!!!!! WOOHOO WAY TO GO MICHELLE

this is me Richelle at 200 lbs uuugggg!

this is me Richelle at 200 lbs uuugggg! I am
now down to 170


This is Melinda, she says she isn't a loser. but i think she looks great. dont look like she has much to lose either. alot less than me lol


Hi, I am Marsha....I live in Virginia Beach Virginia. This is my before
picture. I had not taken a picture of ME in a long time so it really blew my
mind. Just reassured me that doing WW is the best thing. I am married to a
wonderful supportive husband and have a beautiful 7 year old daughter. I
joined WW in 1991 and lost a good amount of weight. When I got married I was
around 145. Married life, being a Navy wife and having my daughter did my
weight in. I am, and as soon as I make progress you can be assured
I will send in a picture of a smaller me....Marsha


this is Sandrine Bourquin