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A New Year A New Beginning with Losingtogether


Donations page is for those of you that would like to help out others. I am accepting donations in the form of your old ww materials, like journals, dinning out book, food companions, food calculators or anything that would help others.

If you would like to donate materials to losingtogether, you may do so by sending whatever you have to:
Katy Wilson
3404 Clear Springs Rd
Mascot, TN 37806

The Materials from this goes to help support the people doing ww at home. Alot of people cannot afford to attend meetings, so I help them out the best I can. We accept donations of your old ww materials and blank journals and ww books, the dinning out books, and the food companion books and the food calculators. I keep these here then send them out to people that join the list and request them. We accept the old as well as the new materials. So if you have extra it would be greatly appreciated by someone that cannot afford to sign up or attend the ww meetings. We are here for the support of all people on their journey to losing weight, and we appreciate everyone that has made this list and website what it is today. We have grown in the years we have existed, and still continue to grow on a regular basis. Thanks to the help of the volunteers that help me keep up with all the challenges and all the little problems and the ideas we come across. I couldn't do it with out them. As I work full time and have a family too. This list and website is almost a full time job in itself, as things need updated almost on a daily basis. Thanks for stopping by and listening and caring. Your WW buddy for life. Katy