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Sharing Meeting Info


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A New Year A New Beginning with Losingtogether

A few of our members thought it would be nice to share what went on in their meetings to see how much we can learn from one another, since all meetings and leaders are different.

Our leader had put together a small photo album containing pictures of things that she wanted to do after she had lost the weight. Many of them were things she was not able to do while she was heavy - like hiking, horseback riding, etc., all things she enjoys. She told us she wanted all of us to give it a try. She said these pictures could be of anything that would help motivate us to lose weight. After this little album is put together, we can then get it back out and look at it when we need an extra boost to our motivation. I started mine this evening. I cut pictures out of a magazine. One was of a girl's midriff with a belt buckle on that said SEXY, since it's been a while since I've felt sexy and I intend to feel that way again. Another was of a man and woman in an intimate embrace. That was a whole lot better when I was smaller! LOL! I'm looking for some of horseback riders since I used to dearly love to ride. It can be pictures of anything that would help motivate us to lose weight. I liked this idea and thought I'd share. Hope you like it too.

Oh, and tonight was my first weigh in since before Christmas. I have lost 2.2 pounds instead of a gain! I am thrilled!


In our meeting our leader talked about myths, like not eating after 7 at night will help me lose weight, or If my parents are heavy I will be heavy also, a pound of muscle weighs more than a pound of fat (she said a pound is a pound), There is always tomorrow (tomorrow never comes when you say I will start this tomorrow) yo yo diets are bad for your health (she said that is not true ), If you don't lose your weight while you are young you won't be able to lose it when you are older (not true) Then she said to write down a myth, then write down how you would set that myth straight, I put my myth: There is always tomorrow and to set that straight I put I will start over today not tomorrow. She was telling us if we went off program at lunch and said I will start over tomorrow (sounds like me) she said the best thing to do is start counting and stay on plan from that moment on.

I hope this helps, Have a great week!

#3 WW keypoints
Alrighty!!! We actually talked about this at our meeting the other day....A woman put her shredded wheat in a cup to measure instead of weighing it out...You can not go by the measuring must do meats and such by weight...My leader expressed how important it is to purchase or use a or otherwise...when i put strawberries in a cup..i dont get 8oz. worth of strawberries..but when i weigh it out on my scale i get a lot...You have to go by the weight of the foods...not the measurements.... 1 oz. is 28 grams.....Please weigh it would be surprised how much your missing out on because of the shape of the food..or how much more your getting by packing it in the measuring cup..

To add to the one pound loss postings:

I had a WW leader bring in a 16oz. tub of Crisco. She
opened it up, and passed it around. Everytime you
lose 1 pound, you have eliminated the equivalent of
that can of Crisco. That image has stuck with me for
a very long time. 1 pound is very helath, and very
normal,and if you look at the crisco, you'll see how
significant that is. C.Y.

Here are the details of the money game I mentioned earlier last week.
These are all done using "fun money"...somewhat like monopoly money:
Rules for the Money Game:
*Commit to journal for the number of days you choose. ( should be a challenge to you) Earn $4 of fun money for keeping your commitment.
*Make physical activity part of your lifestyle. Earn $1 for every 20 min. of physical activity.
*Drinking water is important!!!! Every day you drink 6 or more 8 oz. glasses of water will be worth $.50 or the entire week for $4.
*Attending mettings is essential. Earn $1/meeting attended weekly.
*Bring a friend who joins and earn $50.
Other ways to earn fun money ($1 each)
*Share a new recipe you've tried.
*Let a fellow member know how his advice helped you this past week.
*Share ideas during the meeting
*Eat all your veggies and fruits.
*During the last meeting of each month, bring in a treasure you wish to donate and buy someone else's with the fun money you've earned.
Possible donated items:
Clothing you can no longer wear; a recipe with the ingredients; craft items; inspirational saying/stories.

My WW leader had a lady that did this. She sprayed the cleaner Fantastic on any leftover food on her children's plates so she wouldn't eat it!

At my meeting yesterday we were all ask to write down the top 10 reaons
we wanted to lose weight. I wrote.
1: To be healthier.
2: To feel more sexy.
3: To fit in a size 8.
4: To have better self esteem.
5: To feel good physically and mentally.
6: To stay off the blood pressure med's.
7: To be able to do more physically.
8: To look good in a swimsuit for summer.
9: To be toned.
10: To show my son good eating habits.
I really enjoyed my meeting and it being my first one back in six months
I was overjoyed that I still had the same leader I adored back then.
Donna Haynes

At my WW meeting the leader asked us to list a few negative things we say to ourselves on occasion which hinders our weight loss. For example:

1. I'll never get all the weight off.
2. I can't do this so why bother trying anymore.
3. I have to do this perfectly or I'll never lose this weight.
4. I will never have a week that I will gain on WW.
5. I hate exercise.

So basically she was trying to illustrate the point that negative thinking really can affect us if we allow it to. If we say these things to ourselves, of course we won't lose the weight. So by recognizing negativity we can prepare ourselves for those difficult days and turn it around by turning the above statements into positive ones. I think it was a very good meeting and what a great way to arm yourself for those harder weeks.


today our meeting was on truth or myth
the myths about being overweight because your parents are
about staying big because your big boned or tall
the myth about if u yo yo diet u cant ever really lose weight and keep it off
i cant remember much else, sorry i have a short attention span lol

Our leader likes to remind us that .2 pounds is a stick of butter and 1 pound is 4 sticks of butter puts it in a whole new perspective for me! Then I dont mind losing a stick of butter great visual too J


There are other options.

First of all, it is a good tip to take your weight, then divide it by
two. This is how many ounces of water your body needs daily to stay
properly hydrated. The more you weigh, the more your body will need.

Anyway, you can use things like Crystal Light as water points, but a
leader once told me that bevereages like this should not be more than
50% of your water intake. Meaning, if you drink 8 c (64ounces) per day,
no more than 4 of those cups should be a "substitute beverage".

Weight watchers allows you to do three glasses non
caffinated beverages as part of your water. Outside
of ww you can count a glass of caffinated beverage as
1/2 water. This was in an articles about are we
drinking enough water. Since we are in weight
watchers I would go by their rules. Kathryn

In my meeting last night we talked a lot about journalling, as it seems to be a problem for some members. We have a special meeting - for those with 50 + pounds to lose. We just started on January 2 - and many of us moved from the Wednesday night meeting we had enjoyed together for over a year. We also talked about how we can make our meeting more "special" and decided that we want to do something similar to the idea mentioned last week with earning play money to exchange. There was a planned topic and we did spend a few minutes on that and I did take notes, but they were not as important to me as the comradery we gained by attacking one member's problem.