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A New Year A New Beginning with Losingtogether
Occupations of the List

Angelique--- Leisure Arts National Accounts Rep to Michaels Arts & Crafts
Anne-Marie--- Administrative Assistant in Federal Government
Annie--- Construction Project Manager
Arlene--- Retired Secretary
Ashley B--- Stay at Home Mom/going for Master's Degree in Art Education
Aurea--- Executive Assistant
Babs--- Receptionist/Insurance & Billing Clerk for busy Dermatologist
Bee-Jai--- Community Support Counselor
Bev--- Accounts Payable Fiscal Clerk
Carol--- Housewife (domesticated engineer)
Cathy--- Corporate Travel Agent(Laid-off)
Cathy--- Daycare Provider
Christina Y--- Broadband Data Engineer
Christine G--- Blood Bank Supervisor
Christine H--- Operations Manager at a Dinner Theatre
Cindy in GA--- Gold Powerseller on eBay
Cindy Z--- Day Care Provider
Connie ---Geriatric Nurse
Dale--- Medical Billing Specialist
Darcee--- Stay at Home Mom & Childcare Provider
Dawn--- Stay at home Mom
Dawn--- Electrical Engineer
Debbie H--- Disabled Homemaker & Stay at home Mom
Denise--- Literacy Center & Library
Donna--- Speech Teacher (for now)
Donna H--- Para Legal
Em--- Music Director/Principal Organist for a large church
Flowersun in Florida--- Client Services Support
Fred--- Postal Employee
Ginger--- Due Process Hearing Officer
Holly ---Stay at Home Mom
Janet--- Quality Assurance Technician, Girl Scout Leader, Avon Lady & Popular Club Secretary
Jeanette--- Telephone Operator @ Southwestern Bell
Jerri--- Stay at home Mom & Grandmother
Joan Webb--- Bookkeeper
Joy--- Account Receivable
Kathie--- Stay at Home Mom
Kathryn in NC--- Business Subject Specialist w/masters in library science
Kathy--- in CA In Patient Medical Record Analyst
Katie H--- Personal banker
Katy Wilson ---Police Dispatcher
Kellybelly--- Communications Coordinator
Kerri G--- Corporate Travel Agent & full time Mom
Kim ---Owns antique toy business
Kim --- Project Leader/Information Technology Dept & fulltime Mom
Kristine--- Assistant Project Manager/Document Conversion Manager
Laur---a Childcare Provider
Laura--- Student Nurse
Lauri--- Stay at Home Mom & Childcare Provider
Leah--- Apartment Community Manager
Linda--- Stay at home Mom
Lisa--- S Stay at home Mom
Makalah--- Budget Analyst
Marsha ---Preschool Teacher, Wife & Mom
Mary Hicks--- Retired RN/Volunteer American Cancer Society/Fulltime Grandma
Mary Jo--- Receptionist for Newspaper
Mary Kay ---Administrative Specialist
Mary Z--- Stay at Home Mom
Michelle H--- Consultant for Accounting Firm
Mindy--- Fulltime Mom & Part Time Worker at Taco Bell
Mishelle ---Grocery Store
Myrna--- Retired after 30 years in Electronics Field
Nancy--- Housewife to farmer and soon to be a grandmother
Nancy in CT---Piano teacher, teach theory, and also an organist for 2 Catholic Churches
Nicole--- Academic Affairs Coordinator, Teacher and Creative Memories Consultant
Pam--- Registered Nurse in hemodialysis
Pat--- Works for a Colonel in the USAF
Patti--- Fulltime Caregiver for ill Father-In-Law, Parttime Conv. Store Clerk
Penney--- Retired, Stay at home Wife and takes care of Mom
Rachel--- Pediatric Physical Therapist
Ranae--- Unemployed(Human Resources Information Systems) & Stay at home Mom
Regina--- Planning & Logistics Coordinator
Renee--- Kindergarten Assistant
Renee--- Kindergarten Assistant
Sandy--- Elementary School Secretary
Sandy--- in NYC Property Management Specialist
Stacy--- Early Childhood Education Specialist
Stasi--- Case Manager/Adult Educator at a homeless shelter
Stephanie--- Stay at home Mom
Stephanie ---Judicial Support,Law Enforcement for Software Company
Sue--- Retired from Computer Industry & Substitute Teacher
Sue--- Group Family Child Care
Susan Z--- Pediatric Occupational Therapist
Tanja ---Asst Manager at car rental,Collections Manager Car & RV dealership & Certified Personal Trainer
Tanya--- Receptionist/Administrative Assistant
Terry--- Retired Nurse
Tracey W--- Legal Secretary
Tracy W ---Fulltime Student working toward Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science
Tzyrel--- Fulltime Wife & Homemaker
Wendi C--- Benefit Authorizer at Social Security Administration
Wendy O--- Stay at Home Mom