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Inspirational Stories From Big Losers


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Here is Holly's story to share with you. Hoping it will help and encourage you to keep going, and to show you that it can be done.

I had it pretty much in my head that I was I was a mommy now and this was the way I was. I honestly dont think I really thought that I was that fat. I think I woke up one day and the Lord open my eyes and I realized, WOW I AM FAT! I was 190 lbs, my son had just turned 1 and I had just stopped breastfeeding him. It was time to start dieting. I went to the weight watchers website and checked everything out. I did the "tours" and decided to sign up! I knew I would never make it to meetings, as I have two small boys, so I signed up for Weight Watchers Online.

I started out great!!! I was walking almost everyday, about 30-40 minutes a day. I would load the kids in the stroller and walk. I loved it. I lost 16 lbs in my first month! I did find that weeks that I didnt eat all the servings of fruits and vegetables I didnt lose as much. One thing that has really helped me was cooking dinner for my whole family. I didnt want to have special meals for myself. If I plan dinner at least the night before it helps to figure out what I can eat the rest of the day.

Once the weather got cold I stopped exercising. Once in awhile if the weather was nice I go for a walk, or Id do an aerobics tape or Walk Away the Pounds, but for the most part I wasnt exercising until recently. My losses slowed when I stopped walking. I was averaging 2-3 lbs a week when I was walking, then it slowed to 1-2 lbs a week.

Recently my losses have really slowed!! In fact there are weeks I just maintain. The closer I get to goal the less willpower I have it seems. Anyway, I have now gotten back to exercising. I have been doing Walk Away the Pounds, Tae Bo, and Country Line Dance Aerobics. I try to alternate and I do them about 5 days a week.

I started Weight Watchers Online August 17th , 2001. My starting weight was 190.1 and as of today I have lost 58.7 lbs. I know I could not have done this without my Savior Jesus Christ. He has given me strength to stick with this program and has really gotten me through some tough times!

I am only 51" so my goal weight is 125. Once I hit that I will probably try to get to 115.

Some advise:

Get lots of recipes and try a new one at least once a week.

Try to plan dinners at least the night before.

Keep all problem foods out of the house or at least out of sight.

My favorite foods to have on hand:



FF Wishbone Italian

Baked Lays

Skinny Cows

Dannon Light N Fit

Slim Fast Meal on the Go Bars - I always have one in the diaper bag just in case!

Exercise - the Walk Away the Pounds tapes are great!!!

Drink your water

Eat all the servings of fruits and vegetables everyday



This is Holly at the beach in July of 2001

This picture was taken February 2002

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