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Inspirational Stories From Big Losers


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Angie's Story

 At some point, all of us get to a place of decision in every situation of life that we face, and I had come to that place in December 2001.
        I had reached 230 pounds on my scale and though I had vowed I'd never exceed 200, there I was. I couldn't sleep at night anymore, turning over was a feat for me.  My neck was so fat (sorry for the F word.) that I smothered literally....As I was standing at my kitchen cabinet one December morning, I felt the need to pray for Gods divine healing power (because I was beyond all I could do to lose my weight), after all I had tried all the diets I knew to try.
       As I prayed, I felt HIS presance come into the room with me and from that point on I lost weight. 12 pounds gone in December 2001 led me to join weight watchers, My sister- in- law Madeline  was having a great deal of success with the WW winning points system so I wanted to do it too ! 
      I joined WW on January 17 2002 at 216 pounds, I averaged a 3 pound loss weekly for my first 14-15 weeks OP and then soon a 2 pound weekly loss.
       I have eaten all of my favorite foods and even fast food...LOL !  There are my "Cheat days"  of course ( I look forward to those.) and so it is now...I am now at 12 more pounds to go to reach my maintenence, I am a living testimony to Gods healing virtue and to the success of the Weight Watchers winning points plan....I'll be among the first to tell ya ,  they both really do work...I feel so much better physically and emotionally, I can do more and move around 100% better...I play with my kids without health problems and I even bought a swim suit for the first time in a blue moon!  ( psst... and I feel good with it on ).
          Well, thats my story, I hope to get my before and after pictures on the site when I get to goal....Look for me ....
       I love you each dearly here at LtoG, you have helped me so, so, so, much, I contribute much of my success to all of you and all of the encouragement that you have given me....I'm here for you all too !   Love always ,

Angie 230/157/145

              "We cannot change the direction of the wind...
                        but we can adjust our sails."