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L2G Family photos Page 1

On this page I'll post each member of the losing2gether family.

L2G Family photos page2

This is Yvette Started May 2001 at 226 Current July 2001  = 209 Goal 160


She Started Weight Watchers May 2001 at 226 Current July 2001 = 209 Goal 160. "would be wonderful as I'm 5'7" & vaguely remember how hot I was
at 165 LOL!!"

This is Tanja our blonde reporter

Tanja AKA Cougarmoon AKA Blonde Reporter

ok here is one of me. still with long curly hair... now it is all gone
hehehe.. well not all but it is very short (or mowed off as i put it) .... hehehe

tanja (the blond reporter)



Shelly This is me after losing 84 pounds.
"Judge not by appearances, but rather by experiences for there are no faces
in Heaven, only beautiful souls"----Shelly D.



this is barb she is helping with the home doers losing logs

Barb AKA WW Grannie

Picture taken Fall 1997 and I weighed approx. 220#, now I'm
243#.You can do it barb hang in there we are here for you anytime.


This is me at 201. after losing 25.5lbs! I know--stripes don't do ya a thing! Oh well....I'll add a new picture when the next 25lbs is shed!
I hope this was downloaded right?!
Alison Rowley


The top picture was taken back in March of this year about a month before I started WW. My weight at that time was approximately 234. The bottom picture was taken this past Saturday, August 4, 2001. My weight is 180. I also want to thank you for taking the time to establish and keep up the website. I think it is fantastic. I have found so much support and I have gotten a lot out of the losingtogether e-mail group. I am so glad I came upon the site. Thank you again for all of your work.
Tracey Westbrook

Michelle she is the one in the middle


Mishelle is the one in the middle. WTG Mishelle!!!!
She Started WW Sept.25th,2000.
Current weight: 179.6
total weight loss so far 65.0 lbs.
Here's a pic of me that was taken on Sun Sept 30th (my cousins wedding)
I'm in my new leather mini skirt....= )


Lea a.k.a. wwwoman
Here I am with my DH Patrick and my adorable little girl Cristi. I have been OP since 8/3/01. I have lost a total of 34 pounds. This picture was before our old school's homecoming on 10/12/01. I hope to get a before pic sent in soon. Even better, would be a pic after
losing another 34 pounds!!!!